Shaun McKay

Some pictures from 1964 - 1974

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Shaun with 74 T Shirt
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Donna McKay, Shaun and Neil in Denmark
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Shaun, Neil, Cousins Arny, Ken and Aunt Preeti
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Neil and Shaun as Babies
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Shaun on the Beach at Clear Lake Canada
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Shaun's Birth Certificate Card
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Neil and Shaun in Paddle Boat at Clear Lake Canada
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Shaun 12 years old as Navy Cadet in Winninpeg
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Shaun as a boy with can't do that on TV
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Shaun, Neil, Ken, 2 unknown children, and Arny
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Shaun, Robbie Chakrabarty (Dad), Neil at Carter Caves KY
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Shaun and Neil at Washington DC. (July 1976)
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Shaun making a Face (April 1975)
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Neil, Robbie, Shaun, Donna, Our Family (1971)
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Robbie and Shaun with Camp Fire
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Shaun and Robbie
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Neil and Shaun as boys.
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Shaun and Neil as Teens in California
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