Shaun McKay

Some pictures from 1990-1997

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Donna (mom), Neil and Shaun (1990)
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Shaun at my wedding with Sarah Einstein as my Best Man
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Shaun and Brandon (1994)
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Shaun with Cactus
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Shaun in Chicago (July 1996)
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Chris Shaun Roberts
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Chris Shaun Roberts
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Robbie Chakrabarty (Dad) Driver's Licence
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Keith, Shaun, Neil, Renu and Donna (mom) (1996)
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Shaun with Posidon at Disney World (1995)
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Shaun and Neil on Amtrack (July 1996)
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Shaun's Business Card for Vulcan Service Company
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Manoj Ranjan "Robbie" Chakrabarty (Shaun's Father) passed away October 29, 1990.
Donna Jean McKay (Shaun's Mother) passed away March 10, 1997.