Shaun McKay

Some pictures from 1998-2000 part 1

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Shaun, Renu and Neil
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Christopher Shaun Roberts
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Shaun operating a Ear Candle on Neil (April 1998)
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Shaun Juggling at Home (July 1998).
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Shaun with an odd look Thanksgiving 1998.
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Signed photo of Jodi Clark Miss WV to Shaun
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Bird nest that Shaun watched over
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One of Shaun's Patches for Peace
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Shaun playing with Tory (July 1998)
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Shaun and Debbie Memorial Day 1998.
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Shaun and Tory (1997)
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Shaun and Neil in the shop at Poca
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Shaun making sling shots with Chris and Brandon (July 1998)
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Suzie (Renu's mom), Debbie, Shaun, and Neil at Thanksgiving in Sissonville (1999).
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Tory (Shaun's Dog)
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