Neil Chakrabarty
  Neil Chakrabarty   My Wife Renu Chakrabarty
Current Projects
TikTacToe Game
I wrote this using Impress and Jquery and html5 as a practice.

Past Projects
UUC Unitarian Universalist Congregation
I wrote some books for Teens at the UUC.
First Robotics First Tech Challenge
I volunteered to assist the Charleston Catholic High school robotics team to compete.
Taught a Free C Class
Class discusions

Downloads for the class
Game & Utility Programming with C and the Allegro library multi platform development.
How to Install & Prepare Red Hat for Oracle
A procedure I wrote at work for an often repeated task you may find helpful. Red Hat AS 4.1 and Oracle 10g R2.
Ant Robot Series Robots
Ant robot projects I worked on while at WVU...
My Book, Learn C++ with the djgpp / GNU compiler
Although never published I give this book to world or whoever wants it.


I Feel Great!

Renu and I have been married over 20 years now.
Making me an 20 year old husband!
Actually I'm in my early 50's but your only as old as you feel!


... on vacations

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Neil's Links
Life Spring Yoga
I love to do Yoga and Emily is a Great Teacher!
W3 Schools
I like Free, and this is a great free collection of tutorials on web development.
The Jackie Chan Fan Page
Jackie is Cool!
West Virginia State Univeristy
One of my customers for my part time consulting...
Aura and Chakra Info Site
My departed brother's...Shaun's site
About me
I work at the Department of Envionmental Protection
IT Manager
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