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C-Suite Leadership | Custom Application Development | Enterprise Integration | Infrastructure Support | Geographic Information System Application Development

Professional Profile

Results-oriented government technology leader, developing and managing complex IT solutions including cloud-based applications. Leverage core competencies to support industry usage of systems and efficient regulatory development to grow the West Virginia state economy while protecting the environment.

Core Competencies

Management: Strategic Planning and Management • Needs Analysis • Contracts for Software Development • Organizational Improvement • Staff Utilization • Staff Augmentation • Staff Development • Staff Retention  • Staff Recruitment

IT Solutions: Integration and Optimization • Custom Application Development • Cloud Computing Integration

Security: Application Security • Application Hardening • Identification Proofing

Client Service: Steering Committee • IT Quality • Disaster Recovery • Customer Focus

Mentoring and Training: New Developers  • New Server Administrators • New Oracle Database Administrators  • New Purchasing Agents  • New Managers • New Users

Technology Leadership

2014 - Present

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Charleston, WV

Government organization with delegated authority from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and United States Office of Surface Mining (USOSM), Promoting a healthy environment.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Responsible for the technological direction of DEP. Proposes budgets for programs and projects, purchases and upgrades equipment, supervises section managers, and presides over IT-related projects and Project Managers.

  1. Data Transmission to US EPA to support federal funding for divisions within DEP.
  2. Audit-ability to withstand WV Legislative Auditors examination of information systems at DEP.
  3. Electronic online environmental permitting and compliance data submission.
  4. Quality of IT operations in DEP.
  5. Electronic document management.

The Integrated Regulatory Information Support office of DEP supports integration of Documents and Maps with custom and purchased regulatory information systems.  Utilizing Data Warehousing technologies providing both internal, intra-agency and public reporting, maps and documents.

West Virginia DEP leads the nation in three IT systems.

  1. Mining software - Industry applies for permits on-line, with Industry and Regulatory teams of people, the correction requests and work flow is automated and secured. The application information feeds application processing where teams of regulators produce a permit using information systems with many checks and automatons. Inspector's information systems are fed the permitting data and operate in the main offices and in the field disconnected. Inspection systems feed enforcement action systems and vice versa.
  2. Water National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) software -Industry applies for permits on-line, with Industry and Regulatory teams of people, the correction requests and work flow is automated and secured. The application information feeds application processing where teams of regulators produce a permit using information systems with many checks and automatons. Inspector's information systems are fed the permitting data and operate in the main offices and in the field disconnected. Inspection systems feed enforcement action systems and vice versa.
  3. e-Permitting - WV DEP has an Electronic Submission System (ESS) where other states have e-permitting. The ESS system is the first e-permitting system in the USA and the most complete. Released in 2002 this system is an enterprise system supporting multiple divisions and offices. The ESS system also automates compliance data submission beyond permit applications. The ESS system has robust application security controls in the hands of Industry re-leaving DEP staff of security administration of companies. The ESS system is CHROMERR compliant with USEPA electronic reporting rule. The ESS system has over 133,000 online data driven application forms, 236,026 applications entered and over 22,000 industry users. The ESS system has a form builder tool to create new forms quickly and an instruction editor to quicly create and maintain instructions. The ESS system has an email routing system to support workflow. There is no other state or federal system that can compare with the scope and completeness of DEP's ESS system.

Application Development and Support (ADS)- Lead by a section manager this group has 13 developers using Scrum project management in sub teams with developers acting as project managers to provide custom application development and support.

Technical Applications and Geographic Information Systems (TAGIS)- Lead by a section manager this group has 7 team members and creates custom mapping using information from ADS and many other sources.

Infrastructure Support (IS) - lead by me this group has 4 administrators and builds and supports the servers and coordinates with the WV Office of Technology in the WV Department of Administration to meet DEP's technology infrastructure needs.

Temporary staff and contractors - Lead by me this ever changing group works on key initiatives like audit-ability and internal IT and administration information system development.  Senior IT students in four year computer related programs work on these strategic goals.  Also professional experienced contractors are hired to start new directions such as data warehousing at DEP. All contracts are limited to one year and knowledge transfer is consistently archived.

College Interns and AmeriCorps - Lead by the section manager for TAGIS work to create map data from images gathered by low flying aircraft and drones.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering; also 30 hours of Mechanical Engineering

West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV Date of graduation: May 1994. Overall GPA: 3.28/4.00 Field GPA: 3.57/4.00 Cum Laude

Experience & Employment History:

IRIS Project Manager. 10/2013- 7/2014

When the IRIS project at DEP became questioned by Senior Management I was asked to step in and lead the project. The project was to implement Tempo a product produced and customized by CGI environmental. However there was a large gap between what DEP could afford and what DEP needed. Thus due to projected cost overruns the project was restarted as many separate projects without CGI corporation. The Goals were redefined and based on existing systems to lower costs and achieve desired quality and make systems able to be audited.

Oracle Database Administrator. 10/2000-10/2013

I have an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification for Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i and 8i. I was the DBA for DEP, which maintains numerous Oracle databases for numerous database applications. I worked closely with application developers and provide general database support. I was responsible for Security, Performance and Availability for our Oracle 11g Databases, as well as several windows middle tier and web servers.

Electronic Permitting (e-Permitting) Project Leader and DBA. Aug 2002-Aug 2004

I was one of two project leaders leading the e-Government initiative for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The e-Permitting project is a web based system for regulated industry to apply for permits with DEP. e-Permitting was the highest priority project for the information technology office at the time. I became project leader at the end of August 2002 when the previous team of developers were fired. Myself and my co-project leader with a devoted team of developers pulled the project from almost certain failure to completion on time.

Numerous computer software jobs small and large for government and private business. Customers include WV State College, University of California San Diego Hospital Pharmacy, (Attitude Network, LTD) and Lowden Preferred Storage. Ask me for stories about almost making it big.

Application Development Team Leader Developed an Application for WV Office of Air Quality using Visual Fox Pro to serve the needs of an agency of 106 people spread across the state. Automating the records of regulatory permitting and enforcement actions concerning industry. I designed and wrote this database with an assistant. The below part time roles were performed as needed while leading database development.
Part time Air Quality Inspector for the first year to have perspective on the needs of the enforcement section of Air Quality.
Part time Personal Computer Support to provide support to the Air Quality staff for approximately one year during which no support was available from ITO's Office of Network services.

Converted staff from manual procedures to using BANNER, a software package designed to automate every activity of the office. To accomplish this task I learned system administration skills and installation skills for an IBM version of UNIX called AIX (I had never used any version of UNIX, SQL or ORACLE prior to this job). I also acquired ORACLE v6 DBA skills and programming skills using SQL and the ‘rpt’ language in a period of one year. The project was implemented on schedule and within budget. The project also required knowledge of C, COBOL, SAS, and JCL. System was brought online with no loss of service to clients (students requiring timely financial aid). Interpersonal skills were successfully used in providing on the job training to staff, and in overcoming inter departmental obstacles. I also trained an assistant in many tasks of system operation, and in short-notice report programming.

Lab Instructor Microprocessor Interfacing

Instructed two classes using a "hands on" approach. I designed labs and developed course materials with the course professor.

Designed a computer billing software package for the combined businesses of RAM Technologies (Long Distance Telephone, Paging, Radio Sales & Service, Cellular Telephone and Telephone Answering Services). I also trained a new programmer as my assistant who was later hired by RAM as a full time employee.

Software Correction

'Saved the day', previous programmer went to federal prison in middle of project. I was able to repair their billing system.

Supervised five people; responsible for battalion maintenance records and reporting. My unit won U.S. ARMY and U.S. ARMY of Europe awards 1986 and 1988 as Best in Europe and 1987 the Best in the ARMY for record maintenance.

Provided computer consulting and programming services to small businesses in Huntington, WV; Barboursville, WV; Ceredo, WV; and Ashland, KY.

Computer-Language Skills:

(Bold indicates languages, which I have used to author programs for a professional project.)

Cold Fusion, PhP, mySQL, Python 2.7, Robot C, C#, Power Builder 7, Visual Fox Pro, Oracle PL/SQL, RPT, SQL Forms (Oracle Corp), Access, Visual Basic, Pearl, C, C++, BASIC, Dbase, HTML, Ada, SAS, Assembly for Intel 8086, 80196, Motorola 68000, Microchip PIC & IBM360, PL/I, FORTRAN 77,COBOL and Pascal.
Societies and Hobbies: Other Experience: Investigation Into:
  • Engineer Intern (WV Professional Board of Engineers).
  • Tau Beta Pi (since 1993)
  • Woods & Metal Shop
  • Battle Bots with my nephews
  • Dean's Honor List (1992-Graduation ‘ 1994)
  • First Robotics FTC
  • Primary Leadership Development School, US Army
  • Apartment Manager
  • Bar Manager
  • A+ Certification for Computer Repair.
  • Neural Networks
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Robotics
  • Real-time Software
  • Embedded Products
  • Automation
  • Computer Vision Systems